Ritalin (Methylphenidate)

Salt: Methylphenidate
Potency: 10 mg
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Ritalin medicine is used for Attention Deficit and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder; you may recognize these problems with the name of ADD and ADHD. Ritalin also used for Narcolepsy issue means Sleep disorder.
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Methylphenidate 10mg


History of Ritalin

In 1944 Methylphenidate was first synthesized by Ciba chemist ‘Leandro Panizzon’ and in 1954 Methylphenidate recognized as a stimulant. Methylphenidate first named as Ritaline after his wife nickname Rita, while treating his wife’s low blood pressure problem. In 1955 its licensed was first approved by FDA [Food and Drug Administration] for treating Hyperactivity. In 1960 the prescription starts to begin for patients. After the diagnosis of ADHD this medicine drug became severely prescribed and it’s become more extensively recognized.


Information about Ritalin

Methylphenidate is the ingredient of Ritalin medicine and its works by affects chemicals in the brain and nerves that connected to Hyperactivity and Impulse control. Methylphenidate is central nervous system stimulant. This medicine has a very good effectiveness and safety record for the treatment of ADD [Attention Deficit Disorder] and ADHD [Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder] after the researched and studied for over 50 years. First CIBA owned the original patent and now by Novartis Pharmaceuticals. This medicine class is CNS (Central nervous system) Stimulant and its pregnancy category is C because of risk cannot be ruled out. FDA [Food and Drug Administration] classified this medicine as Schedule II controlled substance because of High possible for abuse. Ritalin medicine effects last long for almost 3 to 4 hours. The best time is to taken this medicine 30 to 45 minutes before a meal and if its upset your stomach you may take this medicine with or after a meal or snack.


Precaution of Ritalin

Some information you must need to be known before taking or using the medication. If you have any serious allergic problem then you doesn’t need to take this Ritalin medicine also the user of MAO inhibitors shouldn’t need to take this before consulting the doctor. If you have any serious severe medical issue, than consult the doctor first before using the medicine. Don’t need to take Alcohol while using Ritalin because it will increase the effect of Alcohol and it’s not safe.

Ritalin may be habit forming medicine so never share your Ritalin medicine with others. Ritalin is a Schedule II medicine mean high possible for abuse, so never take larger amount of dose only take the prescribed dose. Pregnancy risk isn’t known, so never use this during pregnancy or want to be pregnant. In 2011 the numbers of prescriptions are 263,000 for kids between 10-19 ages. These pills are prescribed by a specialist and administered by a Store/Pharmacy, doesn’t mean that they are safe for everyone. These kinds of medicine are available in the market and you can buy it illegally from a person or from the internet though fake stores. Many scam Pharmacies are working and they sell you fake products, but some of them are legit to buy Ritalin online without facing any scam problem.


Ritalin Side Effects

Ritalin medicine Temporary effects are sleep not interrupted and may cause jitters after snorting. Ritalin also has other side effects too and if you face any of them you should need to consult the medical doctor immediately.

Short Term Effects:

·         Nervousness and Insomnia

·         Loss of Appetite

·         Nausea and Vomiting

·         Dizziness and Headaches

·         Increased rate and Blood pressure

·         Abdominal pain

·         Weight Loss

·         Addiction and Depression upon withdrawal

Long Term Effects:

·         Malnutrition

·         Tremors frequent fever

·         Irregular Heartbeat and Breathing

·         Anxiety

·         Convulsions

·         Hallucinations

·         Delusions and Tics



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